I absolutely love this time of year because we get to pull out our woolliest knits. Its important to invest in really good quality ones as cheaper fare just falls apart and starts to look “sad” after a few washes. I discovered this amazing brand hand made to order by Nicole Leybourne (http://www.theknitter.co/shop )in New Zealand. Everything is seriously stylish and thats a combination you don’t see often- sustainable, handmade and stylish. It is quite pricey but in a world of fast fashion, i think if you can afford it-go for it!

I had to draw this piece of one of my favourite style and then i got thinking about which bag would finish up the look. At the end, I realised that its really down to personal taste so I created a GIF of my top three faves. Which one is yours?

Cant make up my mind!

Have so many projects in the works…so hopefully will share soon.