February is packed full with activities on the social calendar and Valentine’s Day is one of them! So in honour of le jour d’amour I created this simple GIF. Its not the most complex but…baby steps in the right direction. The illustration is of ¬†Christine and Cody Andrew, a very fashionable blogging couple ( I loved the styling of the shoot and the very dapper clothing choices.

I hope you all have a great valentines day! xo


Award Season!

Hello February! Its my very first blog post and I am very excited to see what the rest of 2017 brings! On the blog I will be sharing my artistic process and basically giving you guys a peek into my happily chaotic artist/ business owner/ wife/mom…(phew) life!

I recently fell in love with all things evening wear; the prettier the better! The gold one by Marchesa is the stuff of dreams. My work has taken a very haute couture focus recently and thats great, as Fashion month is upon us again. Even if I cannot be at the shows in person like I was in 2015…what with a 9 month old and all, I will be illustrating some of my favourite showstoppers.

Also, The Baftas and Academy Awards are happening later this month. I don’t see myself running out of couture inspiration anytime soon!

Thanks for dropping by and here’s to many more posts..xo


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